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Volunteer/ Community Service NEEDED !

Volunteers are needed to manage our forums and edit this website and other community service sites as needed. Volunteers will be able to list this work on their resumes (for work  &  college entrance), while also learning about important events being held in Prince George’s County or all the latest news about the county. Letters of recommendation for potential awards, colleges, and employers can also be written for those volunteers who’ve provided at least 6 mos. of service and request them. Instructions are provided via email. You can work from your home or whatever computer you have available with internet access. Public thanks is given unless the volunteer specifically asks to remain anonymous. For more information or to apply to become a volunteer, please email me at info at with subject PGCares Volunteer Request or call at 301-782-9922.


Melvin Dickerson (10/12-3/13)

Bry Watson (5/12)

   Veronica M. Lee (Calendar 4/06)

     Daniel Knorr (News 2/03-3/06)

     Stephon Alicea (Calendar 1-8/03)

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